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Constructive Triangles 5 Boxes

Montessori Primary Sensorial Material


The set includes

  • Box 1: rectangular box (includes 2 yellow right angled isosceles triangles, 2 yellow right-angled scalene triangles, 2 yellow equilateral triangles, 2 green right-angled isosceles triangles, 2 green right-angled scalene triangles, 2 grey right-angled scalene triangles, 1 red smaller right-angled scalene triangle, 1 red smaller obtuse-angled scalene triangle.)
  • Box 2: blue triangles (includes 2 isosceles right-angled triangles, 3 right-angled scalene triangles, 2 equilateral triangles, 1 scalene obtuse-angled triangle.)
  • Box 3: triangular box (includes 1 large grey equilateral triangle, 2 green right-angled scalene triangles, 3 yellow obtuse-angled isosceles triangles, 4 red equilateral triangles.)
  • Box 4: large hexagonal box (includes 2 red obtuse-angled isosceles triangles, 2 grey obtuse-angled isosceles triangles, 6 yellow obtuse-angled isosceles triangles, 1 large yellow equilateral triangle.)
  • Box 5: small hexagonal box (includes 2 red equilateral triangles, 3 green equilateral triangles, 6 grey equilateral triangles.)


Age: 3+ years old.

Constructive Triangles 5 Boxes Montessori Primary Sensorial Material

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