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How to Use Objects with Identical Matching Cards

After introducing plenty of real objects, we introduce objects with identical matching cards in a Montessori setting. The use of objects with identical cards is not just a matching game. It's a carefully designed Montessori activity to help children understand the relationship between the 3-dimensional objects with the 2-dimensional picture. This practice also prepares them for more complex abstract thinking required in later educational stages.


Here are some examples of objects with identical cards.

As you can see, all objects belong to the same category. The pictures are the exact matches of these objects.

Steps of presenting objects with identical cards:

  1. Use objects only to ensure the child knows the names before continuing. If the child is not sure about the names, then we use these objects only to do the three-period lesson. 2.  If the child is already familiar with the names of these objects, then we continue with the cards. We introduce the pictures one by one. 3.  Match the objects with cards. We place each object on top of the corresponding picture, so the child can see they are an exact match. 4.  Use cards only to see if the child can tell the names by looking at the pictures.

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