Items & Dimensions:
1. Mini wall mirror: L2.56"*W1.77" (L6.5cm*W4.5cm);
2. Mini basin: L1.97"*W1.77"*H3.15" (L5cm*W4.5cm*H8cm);
3. Mini toilet: L2.76"*W1.97"*H3.35" (L7cm*W5cm*H8.5cm);
4. Mini bath tub: L5.51"*W1.97"*H1.97" (L14cm*W5cm*H5cm);



These minitures are made of porcelain, wood (toilet cover), and metals (chains, water taps). 

Bathroom Replicas/Miniatures

SKU: SP20161006042
  • All items available in our store are education materials and should not be used as toys. Supervision is required when use by children.