It includes one assembled Gobbi Mobile made of silk. You can choose from three colors: blue, green or yellow.


Age: from around 2-3 months or when your baby is no longer interested in the previous mobiles from the same series i.e. Munari and Octahedron.


The Gobbi Mobile is the third in the Visual Mobile Series following the Octahedron Mobile. It consists of five spheres. Colors of each spheres change very gradually. After getting ideas of basic colors from the Octahedron this Gobbi Mobile presents how one color can change in different shades. This is how we open the world gradually to a newborn. Size of each ball is 1.57”. Total length of the mobile is around 10.4".


Comparing to our crochet Gobbi, this silk Gobbi uses slightly larger ball. The color is brighter. Because the silk is so smooth it reflects the light in the environment. Babies love to view this mobile. Even toddlers love it. The shades are so beautiful. 


The silk we use are real silk threads not synthetic fibers. It is natural and non-toxic.

Silk Gobbi Montessori Visual Mobile Color Options Blue Green Yellow

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