Kit for making your own Montessori Kicking Ball

Items included: Cotton fabric (already cut, pattern and color is random), non-toxic stuffing, washable pen, ribbon for you to hand kicking ball, thread, niddle, plastic bell to put inside kicking ball.

The material provided allow you to make a kicking ball around 4.72“ (12cm)

About kicking ball:
The design of this ball is very easy for young baby to grasp. It can used to practice hand transfer, grasping, eye-hand coordination. Also, when your baby is ready to practice slithering or crawling it can also be used as a stimulation. When your baby is lying on their back at movement mat, this Montessori ball can be hanged near their little feet, so they can kick the ball to make sound.

Kicking Ball DIY Kit

  • All items available in our store are education materials and should not be used as toys. Supervision is required when use by children.