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Each frame is made from durable beechwood, with a non-toxic varnish finish for easy cleaning. The fabric inserts are made from cotton fabric with batting inside. These can be hand-washed as needed.


The dimensions of the frame are 12" x 12" (30cm*30cm), making it the perfect size for little hands to work with.


These are designed to help little ones learn essential dressing skills in a fun and Montessori-approved way with our high-quality dressing frames.


These dressing frames are specifically designed for younger children, with a zipper that has a ring to aid the child in grasping the zipper pull. The zipper does not unlatch at the bottom, ensuring a safe and frustration-free experience for toddlers. If you are looking for a zipper dressing frame that can be unlatched at the bottom, please check out CASA dressing frames. 

Style options:
1. Velcro Dressing Frame
2. Zipper Dressing Frame
3. Large Button Dressing Frame
4. Snaps Dressing Frame
5. Buckles Dressing Frame

6. Plastic Strap Buckles
7. Set of 6 Including All Six Dressing Frames

Dressing Frames 11.8" for Toddlers Montessori

  • All items available in our store are education materials and should not be used as toys. Supervision is required when use by children.

  • All the prices are in US dollars. Taxes are not included in our price. How much the tax is charged depending on the destination country. Custom from certain countries might require you to pay certain amount of tax before delivery, especially EU countries.

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