Montessori Working Rug with Edges Covered 5 Options


100% cotton hand woven working rug.


2 Colors to choose from:

Off-White, Tan.


3 Sizes to choose from: 


23.6"*31.5" (60cm*80cm)

27.5"*43.3" (70cm*110cm)


Options Available: 

Off white, 15.8*23.6"(40cm*60cm);

Off white, 23.6"*31.5" (60cm*80cm);

Off white, 27.5"*43.3" (70cm*110cm);

Tan, 15.8*23.6"(40cm*60cm);

Tan, 23.6"*31.5" (60cm*80cm);


Montessori Working Rug Edges Covered 5 Options

  • All items available in our store are education materials and should not be used as toys. Supervision is required when use by children.