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All these four mobiles are already assembled.


The Munari is the first baby visual mobile in the Montessori Visual Mobile Series. You may choose from a glass ball and a plastic ball for the assembled Munari mobile. Both materials have been tested to make sure there are no harmful chemicals. 


The Octahedron Mobile is the second in the Montessori Visual Mobile Series following the Munari. It consists of three basic colors blue, yellow and red. After the baby has perceived basic shapes from the Munari the Octahedron is just perfect to give them an idea of basic colors. We use transparent sticks instead of wooden dowels in order to help babies focus on the colors and shapes. This is how we open the world gradually to a newborn.


The Gobbi Mobile is the third in the Visual Mobile Series following the Munari and Octahedron Mobiles. It consists of five spheres. The colors of each sphere change very gradually. This set includes green Gobbi mobile. If you prefer other colors you may choose from pink and blue. You may leave us a note. 


The Dancers is the fourth in the Visual Mobile Series.

Set of Four Assembled Montessori Baby Mobiles

SKU: TC20201124000
$89.99 Regular Price
$75.99Sale Price
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  • All the prices are in US dollars. Taxes are not included in our price. How much the tax is charged depending on the destination country. Custom from certain countries might require you to pay certain amount of tax before delivery, especially EU countries.

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