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How to assemble Montessori Dancers Mobile

Step 1: Have all the materials and tools ready. You will need threads, sewing needle, scissors, glue, ruler, and the mobile parts that are already cut.

Step 2: Put thread through sewing needle and cut to appropriate length.

Step 3: Connect the dancer's legs with arms use a single thread.

Step 4: Make two knots to secure the legs on the thread. Cut the thread to leave a tiny bit of thread and glue it to the thread between arms and legs.

After gluing you will have something look like this, nice and neat.

Step 5: Make first knot for the arms and pull the thread until it reaches around 1cm (I usually keep the length of thread around 1cm between all the body parts). Use your left hand to hold the knot securely and use your right hand to make second knot. Again you may cut and glue the thread to make it more secure and neat.

Step 6: Repeat all the steps to connect head and arms.

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