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How to assemble Montessori Octahedron Visual Mobile

Step 1: Here are the materials you will need to make a Octahedron Visual Mobile: threads, sewing needle, 3 octahedrons that are already made (or you may search the internet to download the pattern to make octahedrons), scissors, glue, and ruler.

Step 2: Put thread through sewing needle and cut to appropriate length.

Step 3: Put the sewing needle through the peak of octahedron, make 2 knots to make sure it's tight.

Step 4: Cut the thread to leave a tiny bit and glue it to the long thread.

Step 5: Attach octahedrons to sticks according to the measurements labeled in below and balance them.

Make one knot

Adjust the length of string by pulling it.

Make second knot to ensure it is tight.

Cut and glue the thread.

Step 6: Make a loop on top of the stick so you can hang the mobile.

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